Keep it real, with Sloth plush!

The survival of sloth is wholly dependent on the health of tropical rain forests.

But, around 12 million hectares of forest in the world's tropical regions were lost in 2019, equivalent to 30 football fields per minute.

Less and less trees are available to our sloth friends!

Us sloth lovers, love to help our friend sloths, and a % of your purchase goes towards spending communities to encourage sustainable forestry. Part will go to sending missionaries around the world to fight against deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.🌱

Whether you need a little warmth on the empty space of your bed, or a friend to help tackle life's everyday struggles, our Sloth Plushie is waiting to be embraced, putting a...
No matter what you do, remember to always keep it real, with Sloth!
-Keep it sloth